We will not be performing Aug. 5th @ darkroom. It will still be a great night, with a set from ESL artists Ancient Astronauts, Chicago DJ's Intel, Trew, Newlife, and John Simmons. If you already bought tickets for this event to see us, send me a message, and I'll Paypal you a refund.

We are also cancelling our Sept. 2010 east coast tour, due to scheduling conflicts.

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Posted by Wade Alin  9 May 2010 Permalink

So, what now? We have another show coming up in about 5 weeks. And then the summer plans officially start.

First, I have wanted for some time to remix Metropolitan. Nothing wrong with the record itself, but with the technology I'm using now and my expanded knowledge of orchestral music - I just want to. So, I've decided to ask Christine to sing for the entire record and we will re-release it sometime later this year. Those songs are so close to my heart, having all been written in near isolation in New York over a period of 3-4 years. I'm excited by the prospect bringing them back to life.

Also, we are going to re-release a selection of tracks from Grayscale, Overseas, 1st In A Series Of Dramatic Events, and the Non-Affair. I will be inviting numerous guest vocalists to participate in the process and we hope to reach a broad audience in doing so. There will certainly be some recognizable names on the record, as well as some up and coming vocalists. I even have a male vocalist in mind for a track, which will be an interesting twist, and show off our Massive Attack tendencies.

And the biggest news, release wise, is that I am about halfway done with writing for a brand new EP! I'm very inspired at the moment, and if time allows this could turn into a full length album as well. Christine will also be singing on the EP as, in case it's not obvious, she's rather officially our new vocalist. There will also be a lot of band participation on the record. I would be a fool not to incorporate Matt's drumming, Daniel's guitar, Levi's bass playing, and Roxy's beautiful cello. So there you go. It's going to be a busy summer! We also hope to have a couple videos to support the release. Christine's husband, Tony Smith, is an amazing video director/producer that we're all excited to start working with.

I guess the only thing left to address is - what happens to everything you've recorded thus far?" Right now, we are offering every release in our catalog as a free digital download. You should get over there soon, as it will eventually be reduced to an archive or greatest hits, if you will. I will also be pulling all copies of Grayscale off the shelves soon, but The Non Affair will remain on sale indefinitely since it was fully funded by our Kickstarter campaign. And, as always, you can pick up the CD versions of our material over at the flagrant store.

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