Oh my oh my

It's been a busy few weeks.

Let's see, what's new. I'm hard at work on new tracks for our upcoming album which you might as well know now, is called The Non Affair. This, as an inside joke I'm letting you in on, refers to the fact that Lauren and I while very close are _not_ sleeping together. You will find at the core of almost every male/female band a relationship of such nature. Not with us, we're both happily married to other people and quite frankly, the thought of hooking up grosses both of us out. Ewwwwwwwww.

But it is a nice title that Lauren came up with at some point and I find it very inspiring. We're going to be working on it all winter and then, come Feb or so, BAM!!. We're going to release the album in (budget permitting) CD, Flash Drive, and Vinyl formats along with the mother of all release parties. In my previous experience with bands, there is a certain point where you "can't go back," meaning you've pretty much committed to seeing how things play out and you can never go back to being an innocent little startup band @ a quaint little nightclub. Your options are to become successful or to start having insane ego issues that break up the project. We're leaning towards being more successful.

That's about it. I'm still working on the I:scintilla record. I saw them play a couple nights ago and it was just astounding. They've really pulled it together live. On a similar note, I might have the chance to do sound for one of my favorite up and coming 4ad bands later this week, we'll see. I've sorta stopped doing sound for live bands - mostly because I keep getting technical things thrown at me that make the bad sound look like my fault. When it's not, like, at all. So, I've relegated myself to working with rock bands. More fun anyway. How often do I get to rock the fuck out?

Posted by Wade Alin  3 Nov 2009 Permalink


Posted November 4, 2009

Your music is very inspiring, got to know it through Beatserv support... (Wade) thanks..

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