I seem to be more into our Facebook page at the moment, check it out, some unreleased audio clips.

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I'm having what you might call a post-tour letdown. It wasn't a very easy tour, but playing to people and traveling is still the life I've always assumed I'd have. So, it's a comfortable place. Since I've been home, I've been overwhelmed with the realities of working in a failing industry. It's not easy to make a living doing only music when things are going well. It's near impossible when things are going poorly. And it's catastrophic when projects stop and start and decide not to pay you. I made a conscious decision a while back that this was it - sink or swim. 38 isn't an ideal age to start school for your first professional career (that really only happens in American movies) nor is it a great age to go back to bar tending. I've never taken web design or graphic design that seriously, though I'm competent at both. Fuck, as Elmo says, when things are at their worst is when you need to believe the most. Yes, I just quoted a Sesame St. character. That's what my literary sense has been reduced to. I've done a couple small licensing jobs over the past week and beatserv is about to launch a really exciting product, so things are looking a bit up.

Before we close the door on this tour - we need to thank our boys in Boston - Milquetoast - for setting up such a wonderful opportunity and just being great people, the Philadelphia weekly for taking notice of us, Jimmy S. in Pittsburgh for the pancakes and the Office, all of Lauren's family members for taking us in and treating us like, well, family - and Matt Fanale for giving us the opportunity to play @ his legendary Reverence festival. Most of all, thank you to everyone who came to the shows, bought up our flash drives, and reminded us why we're doing this.

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We got back from Pittsburgh on Monday morning, wiped out, loopy, and all out of sorts. After a 20 minute nap, I went and got my girl from preschool. She was so excited to see me that she was burying her head in my chest, giggling, and literally quivering. It's very difficult to be away from her. I got a call from the guy I do commercial work from in New York later that night (yay!) and slept for a bit.

Yesterday went a long way towards wiping out all of the relaxing I got done on tour. Everyone in the world called me, texted me, emailed me - wanting something when all I wanted was a day, 1 day, to myself (and Ella.) The suspension on my car is holding on by a thread and our cable and internet got cut off. My phone is the next to go, but T-Mobile seems to be working with us so hopefully that won't happen. Whoever declared the recession "over" yesterday hasn't seen my bills. Ahhh, the life of a downtempo cult star isn't so easy after all.

All that aside, the tour was fantastic! We have a lot more people sincerely interested and moved by what we are trying to do than I'd imagined. Flash drives again outsold CD's and many people supported us and put gas in our tank. Boston and New York were, and will probably always be, the highlights of the tour. Just because they're "home" to both Lauren and I.

We're heading up to the Revenrence2009/Forward Music Festival in Madison tomorrow night. Should be a great time! And only then, is the tour officially over.

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We like Danbury. The turnout was small, though we kind of expected that. More importantly, it was a really good show. Everyone there was into what we were doing and, unlike our warm up show in Chicago, we did it well. There is hope for us after all. We're currently just outside of Phili chilling out @ Lauren's brothers. Excited about the show tonight, and the next few days in general.

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