i'm stealing this from a post on Chris Randall's excellent Analog Industries site. The way it was phrased, the simplicity of this statement, really struck a chord with me for some reason.

it comes down to this: you have to spend money to make money, especially in the music industry. Very few indie artists realize that just having your content out there, and having it be good, isn't enough to ensure success. You literally have to spend every dime and every waking minute promoting yourself.

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Were not big vacation people. Both of us wish we were – but we’ve always found something more productive to do rather than hang around and burn up time. Of course, that was _before_ we had a kid, or the B.E. era. Now, in the A.E. era – we’re taking every vacation we can get. I haven’t booked our North Carolina trip yet, or our New York trip – but they’re bookmarked.

I need this vacation. While I’ve come to like a few things about Chicago, I’m looking forward to not being here for a few days. I’m looking forward to no one demanding my time other than the people who are allowed to demand it – Catherine and Ella. I’m looking forward to not thinking about this fucking album for a few days, and all the ridiculous reasons it’s being mixed in late May, and all the shit I’ve uncharacteristically dealt with to let it get like this. I need to spend an hour with Catherine, alone. We’ve watched 1 movie and been out to dinner 1 time in 51 weeks. Catherine has slept all the way through the night 3 times in that same time period. We love having a kid and we’re certainly up for everything it entails, but I think my point has been made, I need a few days away.

When I get back I’ll finish reinstalling all of my software and get back to it.

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My history channel job vaporized. This happens every so often in my profession – I spend 50 hours on a job, my wife takes vacation time to help me watch ella, we hire a sitter – and I end up with not much more than a hundred bucks and a bag of coal in my stocking. It happened a whole lot a couple years ago and I nearly pulled my hair out, this is the first time in a while – and I just sat and waiting for the rage to bubble over but it never came. Seems child rearing has given me a bit of patience towards the fumblers of the universe. You can say “don’t worry about shit you can’t control” for 30+ years, but until it becomes applicable, they’re just words. I’m sure it’ll come back around to me. Always does.

And when it does – I’m going synth shopping. I’ve written a few new tracks for the Milkfish album and come to the conclusion that I need some out of the box synthesis for this project. I’m currently giving Spectrasonics Trilogy a spin. Some of the best plug-in bass I’ve heard – but it would be nice to get my hands on some hardware for the first time since 1999.

Dean is coming over tonight so we can bust out some mixes for his rapidly approaching live show. In case you missed the info the first time around – the Bounte release party is on Thursday, June 14 @ The Darkroom here in Chicago. I’ve pinned myself down with a “no going out during the week” rule that I will be breaking for this event. So try to make it out. Corporate X and Lismore will be playing as well, should be a good show.

A little personal note, Hope you feel better Shirley!

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If you’ve got a problem – take it outside. If you’re in a bar and some guy looks at your girl funny you do what? That’s right, you take it outside. It’s a universal law. However, this common wisdom has not been passed on to many cellular users. While by no means the first incident, I was at the store today only to involuntarily hear some woman curse out her boyfriend , break up with her boyfriend, and subsequently bawl and bawl throughout the store about said breakup. This, my friends, is what is wrong with cell phones. It was hard enough to keep people’s super duper fucked up lives far enough away from me before – but now. Whew. On the plus side, you are starting to see many more cafés’ and restaurants with the “get off your phone or we won’t serve you” signs.

I watched a uniformed cop drop off a big bag of white stuff to some sketchy looking guy at the park today. Not sure if I should really be blogging about that. That’s fucked up.

Everything else has been fun. I’m still in the middle of my major crash recovery, but it’s going well. I actually got a new History Channel job right in the middle of my crash which makes things a bit more complicated. Haven’t touched the Atomica album in a few days but I probably needed a little ear break anyway.

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